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Medical Billing Services

    Recoup your billing efficiency with BillingParadise!

    Searching for NextGen billing experts to help you reduce denials?

    • We offer 7 expert NextGen RCM teams to work for you
    • We generate 100% accurate claims
    • Do you want to get paid within 21 days of meeting a patient ?
    • NextGen billing at $4.99
    • Quicker ROI on NextGen EHR

    BillingParadise offers revenue cycle management solutions that are what you need! Spend more time with patients, increase operational efficiency and collect more revenue.

Our 24/7 NextGen RCM Process

    The combination of BillingParadise and NextGen:

    Both hospitals and medical practices are at the risk of missing opportunities due to the increasing rules and regulations in the Medical billing cycle. The process of evolution accompanies extensive training to adapt to change. This also requires alterations in the entire healthcare system in terms of hardware, software, workforce, and predictability to everyone involved in the process.

    These constant changes directly affect the cash flow and productivity to a large extent. The combination of BillingParadise and NextGen will increase efficiencies and move you to a more effortless workflow. So practices can get out of the box with the combo of BillingParadise and NextGen for their salvage.

     Want to know how Dr. Patrick from California transformed his NextGen into a profit making tool?

Advantages of BillingParadise and NextGen:

  • Custom designed workflow process with an architect that can rationalize your administrative jam and lessen your management expenses.
  • Analyze your existing revenue cycle and identify the bugs that affect the cash flow process.
  • Differentiate and segregate your business and clinical activities.
  • Tailored solutions that adapt to your practice specific needs.
  • Line up your business requirements with your regular clinical behaviors.
  • Point out missed revenue and a way to retrieve it while alerting and educating your staff on our findings.
  • Work with you and your staff to ascertain, target and improve workflow strategies with comprehensive reports.
  • Because of our extensive experience with cross platforms and templates we know exactly what your practices revenue management requires. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every aspect of revenue cycle management.

    Our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! We are available when you need us!

    Call us to learn more about how we can help you get the best out of your EHR/EMR/PMS applications.

    We are reachable at (888)571-9069 or click here to fill out our request form..

    Billing & collections

    BillingParadise has helped several NextGen users brush aside their billing hurdles and run a more profitable practice, inline, with regulatory guidelines.

    EMR Support

    We take care of your front end and back end revenue cycle processes. Right from appointment scheduling and eligibility verification to claim analysis and denial resolution, our NextGen revenue cycle management services, have you covered. We help you leverage and extract the most out of the staff, technology and workflow of your medical practice.


    Medical coding is becoming increasingly complex. An average coder, who assigns codes without in-depth analysis can do your practice more harm than good. NextGen users can now code right!

    Old AR

    AR calling is more than just making calls to insurers and leaving home at six. You need AR callers who are persistent, informed and quick.We work with NextGen users every single day and offer flexible, practice specific support.

    Pending AR Recovery Calculator

    *Disclaimer: BillingParadise is not an authorized partner or re-seller of NextGen. BillingParadise is a third party full service Revenue Cycle Management company. It has expert work force and teams in respective EMRs with respect to billing,coding and collection functions.

Are Getting
Medical Code Denials ?


" I was scared of transitioning into a new code set without sufficient time or resources. I thank Billing Paradise for rescuing me from a tight spot. Their ICD 10 testing plan and support have made it easier for my practice to adapt and understand ICD 10. Great job! "
-Terry Wilmer, Family physician

" My practice was always way behind schedule when it came to meeting compliance deadlines. Working with BillingParadise has been a relief. They are a business associate who understand and meet every compliance threshold making it easy for me. "
-Cathy Barnes, Cardiologist

" My little patients mean the world to me! It was awful when I couldn't spend as much time as I'd like to with them. Filling out data into my EHR guzzled up a lot of my time. The billing team at Billing Paradise has helped me to drastically reduce the amount of time I spend on my EHR. "
-Lucy Whitman, Pediatrician

" I used to wonder why after working for almost 10 hours a day my collections were dismal. I found out that the fault lay with my billing team who couldn't come up with innovative solutions. My collection ratio has increased by almost 30% after working with tem BillingParadise "
-Ted Johnson, Urologist

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