Chief of Credentialing & Billing Relations

Virginia Newsome

Credentialing and Billing Relations

Credentialing expert with 30+ years of experience. Has contracted over 3000 providers

Meet our provider credentialing and billing relations expert:

Virginia Newsome is a credentialing expert with 30+ years of experience. She is a veteran in the healthcare space and has contracted and privileged thousands of providers.

Unparalleled experience and expertise in credentialing

Her vast experience in credentialing software programs and the credentialing processes of major insurers helps healthcare organizations to navigate the chaotic credentialing path. Virginia Newsome credentialing, privileging and provider enrolment expertise is built on thousands of hours of best-practice experience. She has been a part of the dynamic healthcare industry since 1980 and forms the backbone of our provider credentialing department at BillingParadise. Ask your credentialing and contracting questions to Virginia Newsome today, Schedule an appointment now.

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