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How did we derive this checklist guide?

Creating this checklist guide was a long journey. It took 4 months to accumulate the data from various mental health medical groups and organizations.

We interviewed 300 mental health providers and leaders including CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs RCM directors, Practice administrators, and practice owners.

What was the result?

During the data collection process, most of the mental health providers and organization leaders were curious as to why we do this tedious process.

Our answer was simple! We drive our healthcare revenue cycle management services with data and not with self-proclamation. They were impressed with this effort and explored even further about our services which in turn paved the way for better relationships with the healthcare organization and leaders.

This resulted in 25 mental health practices signing up for our revenue cycle management services and choosing us as their dream mental health third party billing service company.

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What is in this guide?


This guide contains 65

key points

18 Main key

key points

Choosing right Billing

Staffing challenges

Staffing challenges and solutions

Actual scenarios from our clients

Actual scenarios from our clients

Discover the key to sustainable revenue cycle management with our groundbreaking guide. For mental health medical groups seeking a long-term billing service partner, this is your ultimate guide to making the right choice in 2023.

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