Data Gathering Support

    Exasperated with repetitive claim data entry on your PMS/EHR and payer dashboards?

    Most providers are frustrated with the time squandering task of recurring claim data entry for storing/submitting/transferring claim data across the dashboards of in-house, out-of-facility providers and payers. Epic's software supports the provider to capture data 'all-at-once' that can be utilized for - CAQH or other credentialing work or communicating with public or private payers and providers. This illustrates the vivid integrity of our software to bridge the 3Ps-Patient, Provider, and Payer of the healthcare system.

    Does your EHR offer you claim elements segregation support ?

    Our software supports the management of a comprehensive repository of claim elements to store all the data (patient demographics, provider background, insurance information, etc.) and documents (ID/insurance card scans, demand/ walkout statement, etc.) required to establish a medical record number. These heaps of records are clearly segregated and could be used for any regulatory, financial or clinical encounters without any muddle.

     Want To know How Dr. Patrick of California Transformed his Epic EHR in to a profit making Tool ?

Your Benefits:

  • Customizable computer-guided cycle for check-in/check-out
  • Streamlined registration
  • Intact registration fields.