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Being contacted at odd hours, receiving extremely late collections letters, receiving untimely forceful messages are general hassles being faced by patients. When patients are contacted for collections in this manner, they feel harrassed and are disinclined to make timely payments and sometimes they entirely skip out on payments. This leads to a significant loss of revenue and sometimes, the tarnished reputation of your organization.

BillingParadise equips your organization with foolproof patient payment software. It enables patients to make payments in the simplest way possible. It allows you to directly engage with your patients in any platform of their choice and ensure payments are made on time.

Omni-Channel Patient Payment Platform

This feature enables patients to make payments across any platform of their choosing. It provides an array of options for the patient to choose from to make payments. All payment platforms are integratable ensuring complete interoperability on your side. If you are present in any and all platforms then your patients can freely choose the most comfortable and easiest way to make their payments. You will be provided with a centralized reimbursement platform regardless of the patient’s choice. This ensures seamless cash flow and timely collections. This truly makes your collection task effortless.

Smart Multifaceted Communication Platform

Your patients are not going to be reachable on the same platform as your collectors. Each patient has a preferential communication platform. This is the reason this tool deploys predictive analysis through machine learning and allows your collectors to establish a strong communication platform where they can always reach the patient at the right time and at a setting comfortable to the patient. Patients require continuous follow up & timely reminders to make payments. This feature is designed such that the reminders are sent to the patient automatically and on time and aids in continuous engagement with the patient. The tools ability to multi-integrate across all platforms keeps you in touch with the patients and provides an effective workflow for collections.

Cross-Channel Engagement

This tool doesn’t just allow you to connect with your patients. It enables you to alleviate any billing questions your patients might have. Sometimes a simple bill isn't enough information to convince your patient to make payments. They might have questions like, “Why am I being charged?”, “Did my insurance not cover this charge?”, “Can you explain why these charges are on my bill?”. This tool allows you to connect to your patients and equips you to handle and solve all billing related queries your patient might have. All their questions get immediate responses. It provides your patients the answers they require at the time they require. This reduces delay in payment and ensures a timely collection.

Contemporary Payment Experience

From Apple pay to your basic point of sale transactions, all modes of payments can now be processed. This tool is designed for the sole purpose of ensuring collections. The patient can now make instant payments effortlessly using any method of their choice. Sometimes a patient might have the resources to pay, but the payment procedures are so cumbersome that they decline to do so. That sAll payment gateways are integrated and designed to be easily accessible.

Completely Streamlined & Tailored To Your Needs

You are provided with a centralized dashboard from where you can connect to your patients using any platform suited to their needs. The dashboard is designed to be sleek and easily accessible with multiple customized options. The entire software is designed to streamline the collection process. The curation of communications across all platforms are integrated under a single personalized inbox for your benefit. You can also share attachments or information from your inbox across any communication channel. You will have centralized control to track outstanding dues and payments made. A comprehensive analysis will always be made available to you where real time payment data is synthesized and projected to you in a meaningful manner. This enables you to be always informed and aids you in areas that require immediate action.

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