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The Comprehensive Blowout Of Our Software Features

Patient Appointment Scheduling Service

This is how we do it

Our automated software can be split into four individual components:

call with location

Appointment Booking

While booking an appointment a multitude of factors are taken into consideration; date, risk factor, availability of providers; to name a few. This is a tedious task that requires skilled personnel if done manually. Our software automates this entire process and delivers an optimized and accurate booking platform.

The softwares integration capability and interoperability allows users to avail this facility in the most easily accessible manner. We provide an option to book an appointment through your current website. This feature collects all the requisite details from the patient and provides a mutually convenient appointment date. A confirmation email is sent to the patient with all the pertinent details. If permitted by the organization an optional feature to create appointment notes for the PM/EHR documents is also available. There is also an option for the patient to cancel and reschedule an appointment.

automated remainder

Automated Reminders

Sometimes, a patient diligently schedules an appointment but fails to keep it cause they forgot about it. The automated reminder feature of the software eliminates these cases. This feature’s sole purpose is to provide an efficient & continuous patient engagement. This is achieved in three effective methods.

First the software considering the appointment date sends an email to remind the patient of the scheduled visits.Second, the software sends an SMS to the patient with all the pertinent details, form the appointment time and detail, to the provider information and address of the organization. Finally, the software sends out a traditional voicemail to the patient, a message that can be personalized and customized to your preference. All these steps are foolproof and ensure the patient is punctual for the scheduled visit.

check option

Self Check-in Option

Customarily a dedicated staff(s) handle patient check in and aid in confirming the appointment and guide the patient to the right ward or office where treatment/services are rendered. This workflow is not cost effective and it's a waste of valuable resources. That is why this software provides a self check in option for the patients. Once a patient comes in all they have to do is go to the check in system and input their health card number, the number is validated by asking the patient to sign using the credentials provided during the scheduling time. Post the sign in the system auto confirms the patient arrival and provides all pertinent information to guide the patient to the right ward/office. No staff involvement is required during any of these processes. The software can integrate with your current check in system or you will be provided with an easy to activate and use kiosk station. If permitted by the clinic the appointment notes can be updated in the Practice’s PM/EHR in real time.


Waiting Room Management & Optimization

One of the most tedious tasks your staff(s) faces on a regular basis is managing the patients in the waiting room. Traditional waiting rooms at large healthcare practices are always over crowded, noisy and creates a lot of hassle for both your staff and patients. The software’s waiting room management feature optimizes your current workflow by streamlining the waiting process into a more efficient one, without the requirement of manual resources. It provides the patient with a smart ticket, a ticket that is issued to the patient's choice of handheld device(s). The ticket is issued when a patient confirms their appointment. It produces a dashboard view with the ticket number and offers up an approximate wait time. The dashboard is interactable and will remind the patient when it's time for their appointment. This way once a patient confirms their appointment they do not need to wait in the front office till their visit time. They can always come back when the software prompts a reminder. This valuable feature does not just help you effectively manage your staff resources, it also avoids all the inconveniences involved in the conventional waiting room workflow.

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