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Questions asked by our allscripts clients

What is our experience with Allscripts?
We’ve been working with the Allscripts EHR for 10+ years. Document and analyze current workflows to establish a baseline for developing and implementing best practices.
Is there any cost involved in setting up the billing process?
No. There are zero start-up costs.
Do you pay my allscripts subscription cost?
Yes, we do. Our allscripts EHR subscription offer covers the monthly payment of your EHR. Please click here to know more.
Can you refer any of your allscripts clients to take a decision whether to go with BillingParadise or not?
We offer client references upon request. You can also schedule a call with our clients to better understand the scope of our allscripts revenue cycle management services.
Do you take care of the transition part If decided to go with BillingParadise?
Yes. We have a comprehensive, detailed transition process that will help you make the switch from your current workflows without causing any disruption.
Can you walk me through your allscripts billing process?
We follow a 10 step allscripts billing cycle that begins with patient eligibility verification. Our allscripts billing team can handle the entire billing operations of your healthcare organization. Here is a link that will walk you through our allscripts revenue cycle management services.allscripts billing process.
Do you share revenue reports from allscripts?
TeamBillingBridge is a KPI tracking, revenue cycle reporting, and workflow management system developed by BillingParadise. It can interface effortlessly with your allscripts system. View real-time accurate reports and keep tabs on your workflow with TeamBillingBridge.
What is the first step of your billing process? Do you evaluate my current revenue cycle?
BillingParadise conducts a thorough and comprehensive audit of your revenue cycle before initiating the billing process.
Do you have any system/application to communicate?
TeamBillingBridge is a workflow and communication management platform that bridges the gap between remote billing teams and healthcare providers.
Is your system integrated with Allscripts?
Yes, it is.
What are the Clearing Housing systems your team has worked with?
We go with your own CH system. Our experts have been processing claims through all theClearing House systems in the industry. In particular, we are using Trizetto’s Patient eligibility verification, AR, Denial management systems along with actual claims processing. It doesn’t mean that we don’t operate the rest of the CH. It depends on the the combination you opted.
Do you help us only in posting payments?
Yes, we offer payment posting services. WE cross-verify every single detail to ensure accuracy.
Do you support different versions of allscripts?
We support all versions of allscripts including allscripts V10.
Are you a registered partner of allscripts?
No, we are not. It is definitely in the pipeline.
What is your experience in processing claims for various specialties through allscripts?
We have 10+ years of experience in offering specialty focused revenue cycle and billing services for allscripts users.
Do you check the patient's eligibility verification at allscripts?
VerifyNow is an eligibility verification solution built by BillingParadise. It conducts eligibility verification checks in real-time. Reduce uncompensated care and denials arising out of an inefficient eligibility verification process through our solutions and support.
How do you handle denials through allscripts?
DenialManager is our homegrown denial prevention tool that can interface effortlessly with most EHRs. Reduce denial costs, automate processes and improve denial overturn with DenialManager.
How do you recover only the old AR?
Yes, we have been helping healthcare organizations managing/recovering either old AR or a segment of AR say 90-120 days bucket. ARAnalyser is our homegrown AR management tool that can interface effortlessly with most EHRs. Reduce AR days, automate processes and improve reimbursement days with BillingParadise’s ARAnalyzer. For more info please click here.
Would you use our existing clearing house?
Yes, we can use your existing clearing house.
Do you also do the checking, re-billing and marking done for the clearing house rejections?
Yes, this is inclusive of our regular billing & collection process
We have weekly meeting with our biller and coder. Do you allow for weekly meeting with your coder(s) and biller(s)?
Yes. We dedicate a certified Coding and billing team along with an Account Manager. You can get in touch with them and schedule weekly meeting.
How frequently is our coding analyzed by your company? Do you discuss the results or send us a report of the analysis?
We have a team of Certified Medical Coders (CPC) to analyze codes on a daily basis. If there are any questions then we contact your office immediately.
Can you setup a site visit for a day at the practices that use your billing ?
Yes it is possible. We would appreciate if you could let us know the date and time a week prior you meet them This allows us to work on our doctors' schedule to get you the best date and time.
I am happy to work with you but I need a value for less than 5% of the billing collections?
It is good to know that you are about to go with allscripts EMR Around 40% of our doctors are using allscripts EMR and we would rate this as #1 system. We would love to come down in pricing based on allscripts EMR. Here you go,
1. We charge 3.99% of what we collect from insurance companies and patients.
2. Co-pays will be always yours as we do not take anything out of it.
3. 100% waiver on setup fee, which is $300.
No monthly minimum I have a few of our client references, who are using allscripts. You can speak with them to know their feedback on our service. I'm sure that this helps you to make a wise decision in choosing a billing office.

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