Medical Billing Cost

Low cost medical billing provider BillingParadise

1. Is there a start up cost?

The start-up fee is $250, which we can waive completely.

2. Is there a monthly minimum amount?

There are no monthly minimums! There are no other extra fees involved at all. Our only charges are based on what has been paid from the insurance companies and from your patients, excluding copays.

Reduce operational costs and get offers that will not only save you lots of money but increase your operational efficiencies. Added to us covering your EHR subscription fee's your practice will save thousands of dollars each time. We also offer free PMS integration support as well.

Where does all my money go? If this is the first thought that hits you when you see your monthly collections, it is time for change. BillingParadise offers to bring back lost revenue to your practice. Our low priced AR calling package is just the shot in the arm your medical practice needs!

    Our AR calling rates

  • $7 an hour
  • 5% collected aging A/R 61 to 90 days
  • 7% of collected aging A/R 91 to 120 days
  • All our AR callers are experienced and certified professionals
  • Cost effective AR calling rates .

It can be expensive to maintain an in-house team for data entry and management tasks. BillingParadise takes care of your back end tasks and streamlines your workflow. We charge the lowest costs in the field and work three times more than an in house data entry team. Scale down on 40% of your operational costs.

  • Our data entry team enters accurate values and details
  • Free EMR/EHR interfacing support
  • We charge just 8 dollars per hour
  • Each demo entry costs just 95 cents

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  • 5% of what we collect

  • 15% discount on Medical Transcription Bill

  • Free PMS Subscription

  • Free EMR Subscription

  • Free EMR Integration Support

  • Free Fiscal Fitness Checkup



  • 7% of What We Collect

  • 10% discount on Medical Transcription Bill

  • Free EMR Subscription Offers

  • Free EMR Integration Services

  • Free PMS Support Services

  • Free Credentialing Services



  • Between $0.75 and $1.00 per Medical Record

  • 10% Discount on Medical Transcription Bill

  • $ 0.75 Per Resolutions

  • Free EMR Subscription Offers

  • Free PMS Support Services

  • Free EMR Integration Services


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