NextGen Medical Billing Support Services to Maximize your Healthcare Revenue Flow

    Recoup your billing efficiency with BillingParadise:

    As one of the prominent players in the market, we have the most efficient team with the necessary infra to make it happen.

    We can access your EHR through the seamless way of integration with the most secure VPN connectivity.

    All the operations handled are compliant with that of HIPAA and other federal laws. We can assure you with the best of EMR medical billing services.


    Searching for the emancipator to get rid of coding gaffes and pertinent denials ?

    Do you know ? Conducting internal payer audits at your practice may save several thousands of dollars!

    Want to stop losing your dollars through erroneous superbills and consequent penalties ?

    Does your health care centre fetch you the productivity you expect ?

    Are you happy with your collections ?

    Is your health care business safe ? When asked the above questions, most of the physicians had signs of discontent on their faces.

     Want To know How Dr. Patrick of California Transformed his NextGen EHR in to a profit making Tool ?


    To the rescue of physicians, together with BillingParadise, NextGen Practice solutions, the next generation practice management software offers consummate, IT obsessed revenue management services that is sure to have a positive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations. By the way you get the comfort of doing what you like – we meant spending more time with patients. At the same time you can get paid more swiftly and accurately for all your services.

    The combo of BillingParadise and Nextgen:

    Hospitals and Medical Practices are at the risk of getting awash with the increasing rules and regulations in the Medical billing cycle. Whenever there has been evolution in the process, it accompanies a lengthy training session to adapt to the change. This also attracts alteration to the entire system in terms of hardware, software, workforce, work timings and predictably to all others involved in the process.

    Such changes can directly affect the cash flow of the management and of course the productivity to a large extent. Any evolution is meant only to increase the efficiency and move to a more effortless workflow. So practices can get out of the box with the combo of BillingParadise and NextGen for their salvage.

    Advantages with BillingParadise and NextGen:

    Design a workflow process with an architecture that can rationalize your administrative bottlenecks and lessen your management expenses.

    Scrutinize your existing revenue cycle and identify the bugs that affect the cash flow process.

    Differentiate and segregate your business activities and clinical activities

    Tailored solutions to adapt to your practice specific needs.

    Bring into line your business requirements with that of your regular clinical behaviors.

    Spot out the particulars of missed revenue and its dig outs. Alert and edify your staff on the same.

    Together ascertain target and carve out workflow strategies along with comprehensive routine reports.

    Our EHR medical billing team is one that is a busy-bee ever. Having worked with cross platforms and templates we know what exactly your practice or your revenue management requires and we offer a lot more than that – never ever lesser.

    Our customer support team works 24*7*365 days.

    Call us to know more details and get the best out of your existing EHR/EMR/PMS applications.

    We are reachable at 1-(888)-571-9069 or the form here.


  • The collections of my medical practice were spiraling down. I wanted to consider early retirement. The NextGen billing experts at Billing Paradise bailed me out. Their in-depth knowledge of my EHR was a huge advantage.

    Ben Reeves Oncologist, San Diego
  • My previous biller just couldn't work with my EHR. I was stuck with doing clerical work. The billers at Billing Paradise clearly knew their way around my NextGen EHR system. I spend less time working as a clerk thanks to them

    Max Wright cardiologist, San Jose
  • After implementing my NextGen EHR I was thrilled that we've finally made the transition. But I was working more hours than before as my previous biller couldn't keep up with the changes. Things have started to look up after working with BillingParadise.

    Sarah Piper, Dental surgeon, Los Angeles
  • The NextGen billing team, at, BillingParadise, have managed to increase my collections by 5% in just under five months. Very quick and efficient.

    Kelly Peterson pediatrician, San Francisco

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