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Medical Billing Practice Dashboards

Medical Billing control center

We have trained professionals to do the posting and analyze for the denials and take corrective measures which improves your Cash Flow.

To maximize the financial results of your organization, you need instant access to key metrics and a clear picture of your performance.

That's why BillingParadise offers role-based dashboards for every user in your organization with workflow shortcuts, a list of to-do items, and real-time key performance indicators. It keeps your people focused on the key tasks and metrics that drive your success.

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Workflow Shortcuts

Each dashboard presents a visual guide to your company's workflow from the perspective of your users and their functional roles in your organization. You can access the major functions of the application directly from the workflow diagram.

Track To-Do Items

Keep track of all of your to-do items with BillingParadise. Your dashboard presents a list of to-do items with hyperlinks directly into key functions. They help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Track Key Performance Indicators

You can set up your dashboards to present key performance indicators, such as charges, adjustments, receipts, accounts receivable balance, days revenue outstanding, and more. They keep you continually updated on the operational health of your organization.

Monitor Financial Graphs

You can set up your dashboards with real-time graphs providing an analysis of your collections or accounts receivable aging. They help you visualize your key financial metrics.

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Medical Code Denials ?


" My practice was always way behind schedule when it came to meeting compliance deadlines. Working with BillingParadise has been a relief. They are a business associate who understand and meet every compliance threshold making it easy for me. "
-Terry Wilmer Family physician

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