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BillingParadise is the best-of-the-breed medical billing company for the Amazing Charts EHR consumers who look for maximum reimbursement. Indeed, our experts including coding veterans, professional billers, billing optimizers, claim auditors - recommend Amazing Charts for the health providers who live in electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR) to handle patients' protected health information (PHI) securely.

Is it wise to overlook the missed appointments ?

Is your front-desk soliciting the co-pays and deductibles during scheduling ?

Whether your in-house coders are AAPC/AHIMA certified ?

Is your documentation pestering you with note bloat issue ?

Is your billing cycle optimized with the payers' audit anticipations ?

How much revenue did you lose in denied claims ?

What are the corrective measures do you take to thwart or transform denials ?

Are the patient-side collectibles, a nightmare ?

Are your reimbursements meeting your expectations ?

Is your practice prepared for EHR meaningful use incentive programs ?

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    That's Your 'Claim' – Not the Pandora's Box!

    If your practice is encountering a plethora of denials in a short span, it is not that the payers' and federal regulations have become very sturdy. The reason underpinning the denials and further reimbursement roadblocks may be your erroneous claims. We have claim management veterans, billing optimizers and AHIMA/AAPC certified coders to hone your claims and metamorphose your superbills into a real revenue tickets.

    Why our Billing Experts are Unique ?

    Our EHR/EMR specialists know the nitty-gritty of the amazing charts modules and thus, we could exploit the features in tune with the payer guidelines to render you an uncluttered claim creation and management service.

    Besides, our medical billing team knows the significance of the 'Trinity of healthcare practice' - Patient care, Medical Billing and Collections Management. Thus, our staffs work as the clones of your staffs and perform appointment scheduling, eligibility checking – then encode your superbills with exact medical codes, prepare clean claims with HIPAA compliance and audit them before clearinghouse transmission. Furthermore, our multi-level denial management teams take necessary actions such as re-submission or appeal, so as to retrieve your revenue from the payers. Thus, we'll take care of the medical billing and collections management and allow you to rejuvenate your love for patient care.

    Meaningful Use Wizard – Don't lose revenue in real-time challenges!

    Most providers are getting trained with Meaningful Use Wizard only in the real-time EHR incentive projects. This may hamper your incentives – as more probabilities are there for you to make gaffes without adequate training. Alongside, you mayn't find time to partake in the training programs. So, what is the way to eject-out this quandary?

    BillingParadise has dynamic EHR experts with decades of pertinent experience and high proficiency who would buttress you to accomplish the meaningful use EHR incentives.


  • I was scared of transitioning into a new code set without sufficient time or resources. I thank Billing Paradise for rescuing me from a tight spot. Their ICD 10 testing plan and support have made it easier for my practice to adapt and understand ICD 10. Great job!

    Terry Wilmer Family physician
  • My practice was always way behind schedule when it came to meeting compliance deadlines. Working with BillingParadise has been a relief. They are a business associate who understand and meet every compliance threshold making it easy for me.

    Cathy Barnes Cardiologist
  • My little patients mean the world to me! It was awful when I couldn't spend as much time as I'd like to with them. Filling out data into my EHR guzzled up a lot of my time. The billing team at Billing Paradise has helped me to drastically reduce the amount of time I spend on my EHR.

    Lucy Whitman Pediatrician
  • I used to wonder why after working for almost 10 hours a day my collections were dismal. I found out that the fault lay with my billing team who couldn't come up with innovative solutions. My collection ratio has increased by almost 30% after working with tem BillingParadise

    Ted Johnson Urologist
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