24/7 Medical Billing Service

  • BillingBridge

    Track key metrics on the move. It is intuitive, smart and easy to work with. Know your collection
    ratios, denial pattern and all financial data. When and Wherever you want.

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  • DictaStar

    Dictating clinical encounters has never been easier. Our dictation app can easily capture, store
    and transmit voice recordings. Get a clean transcript within a few clicks!

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  • CredentialingParadise

    Credentialing is a long, tedious process. Credential your medical practice, re-credential effortlessly
    and maintain your CAQH profile. Complete a lot more with our credentialing app!

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  • CodePro

    Pick the right codes, run NCCI edits, scrub codes and prepare for our ICD10.
    CodePro just made it easier for you!

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  • Fee Analyser

    Stop being underpaid. Fee Analyser is an application that will stop money from falling
    through the cracks. Spot underpayments and negotiate better…

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Medical Billing Service Pricing

"Within 10 business days I received my first EFT's into my bank account which is proof of their aggressive follow up after billing the claims! My clinic did not sink. We are floating now thanks to BillingParadise. I am grateful for their efforts on my behalf."

Date published: 11/13/2014
5 / 5 stars
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